about us

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our three things

we believe in things that work. 
and especially ones that improve on what came before. 
make a better product for our customers.
and maybe a little better world when it’s used. 
do better. it’s a pretty great thing to live by as a company. 
we believe in better.
man, we all know we need to drink more water. 
hydration is a key to so many things in life.
to feel better, to be healthier, to think clearer. 
it all starts with having water with you, all day long. 
we believe in water.
so we made a bottle for that water. a better one. 
it keeps cold, really really cold all day long. 
but it works in a way no other bottle does. 
you can drink, all day, any way you want to. 
sip, or chug, one lid.
and yea, it’s patented. boom.

product videos

“As seen on TV” AM Northwest

“AS SEEN ON TV” Afternoon Live