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these guys from portland just made three bottles in one

how it all began

so, like a lot of folks, we started carrying a water bottle each day. 
drinking more water – it’s a good thing.
and not throwing away all those plastic bottles has gotta help some turtles somewhere, right?
(not to mention wasting all that money.)
but we soon thought: really?
i have to unscrew a lid to drink each time?
or i have to buy a whole different lid to if i want to sip?
and then ice goes all over the floor when i fill it ‘cause the opening is the size of a friggin’ quarter?
so, we made a wide-mouth water bottle with one lid where you can either sip or chug.
and it’s triple walled, insulated stainless steel to keep cold really really cold.
and it comes in, wait for it, one color.
simple, huh?

or to put it another way: 
it’s not rocket science, we just made a better water bottle. 


giving back

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